mardi 14 août 2012

the street painting documentary

“I Madonnari – the street painting documentary is a historic feature Film Project: a documentary-in-the-making about the origins, diversity, spirit, appeal and growing popularity world wide of modern day 3d Art Painting. 3d Art Painting is such a unique, cool and inspiring art form therefore it would really be a great privilege to be able to make this movie as a tribute to 3d Art Painting, Festivals and Fans world wide.
We sincerely hope you believe in our project (by all means, check out the trailer in the sidebar) and are inspired to support our cause and give generously. Just click the pledge-button below and become a Fan, Friend or even Ambassador of this movie in an instant.
Feel free to help us spread the word, share our story off- and online and/or raise funds. We challenge you! Here you can find out more about our unique film project and 3 easy ways to contribute

We have sofar actively been supporting festivals such as Colours of Valkenburg (2008), the cities of Rijssen (2009-present), Zeist (2010), Toulon (2010-present) and Almere (2012). In addition, we have strong liaisons with the Grazie I Madonnari Festival (Italy), The James Carling Competition (Liverpool, UK), the Sarasota Chalk Festival (Florida, US), The Wilhelmshaven Festival (Germany), the Bella Via Festival (Monterrey) and Colores de Jalisco (Guadalajara) (both Mexico). Last but not least, we are key partner & co-producer of the annual LelystART 3D Street Painting Event in The Netherlands (2011-present).

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