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Anamorphique 3D Art

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terrain de foot

mercredi 19 septembre 2012

New Art Form In 3D

The next time you stroll down an art gallery and think you saw the man in the painting blink as a trick of the light, think again. In Washington DC, artist Alexa Meade has created a series of "pop-out" paintings by painting on real life models. Paintings consist of an "underlayer" of colors and the top layer whichis the final picture. What Meade does is to paint the underlayer on models so that they blend into the picture and appear three-dimensional. As long as the models stay still, it is easy to believe they are part of the picture.

samedi 25 août 2012

3D Lego Lord of the rings

3D art painting of Lego Lord of The Rings. Warner invited us to come over to the Comic convention in San Diego US to paint this Lego game related artwork. Together with Peter Westerink, Roland Josuttis and Julio César Jiménez.

vendredi 24 août 2012

Painter Uses Art Supplies to Make 3D art painting

Artist Sarah Graham utilises art supplies to fool people into thinking that her paintings are three dimensional.

The artist stated on her official website that she has developed her own photorealist style that aims to create an image which is as life-like as possible and makes the viewer think that the painting is real.

Sarah Graham said: "I have been developing a method of painting specific to creating the illusion of three-dimensionality. I am so practised now in this particular method of painting it has become the most natural way for me to approach creating an image."

Ms Graham regularly creates paintings with art supplies that depict children's sweets like lollipops, pick 'n' mix confectionary, toys and popular vehicles such as Minis and VW camper vans.

Art website The Fine Art Blog has praised Sarah Graham's work for being so realistic that it became actually tempting.

The Blog said: "The end product of her work is very bright and colourful, and usually looks good enough to eat!!!"

Sarah Graham's career painting confectionary has its roots in her earlier job as an assistant on Woolworth's pick 'n' mix counter which she did before graduating from De Montfort University in Leicester with a BA in Fine Art in 2000.

Following graduation Sarah Graham became more established as an artist with exhibitions in New York, Melbourne and Sydney and she was eventually signed by fine art publisher Washington Green.

Marketing director Samantha Jackson told the Metro: "We expect Sarah's work to connect with a whole new generation of people looking for a highly original style of art to decorate their walls."

The Hitchin-born artist began to paint detailed portraits of university class mates from photographs after being inspired by German visual artist Gerhard Richter.

She said: "My hero and inspiration is the German painter Gerhard Richter, and he's still prolific at 76, it's hard to even comprehend managing that, but I intend to give it a try."

Sarah Graham picked Richter as one of her five favourite artists in an edition of Fine Art Collector alongside American printmaker Andy Warhol, friend Charlotte Hardy, Yorkshire painter David Hockney, and contemporary artist Mitch Griffiths.

The artist is an inspiration for anyone looking to develop a creative career after buying art materials and art supplies.

Helen Rochfort has previously teamed up with Sarah Graham to create a limited edition of handbags feature kitsch pictures.

How to use 3d Street Art Advertising to create massive publicity and sales

What is 3d Street Art Painting and how can it be used for Advertising, PR and Brand promotion?
3d Street Art Painting is known by several different names; 3d Street Art Painting, 3d Pavement Art, 3d Chalk Art, 3d Sidewalk Art. They are all types of art created by pavement artist's in public spaces. When the artwork is viewed from a specific angle and distance through the lens of a camera the picture appears to become three dimensional. It's all created by tricking the eyes and mind with angles and distance, what seems close up is larger to see and the smaller an object is the further away it seems. So if you paint an object very long and narrow it creates the illusion of depth. When created by an experienced artist, the results are mind blowing! Holes and crevasses appear in the road and dragons and monsters can magically appear to hover above the ground. Almost anything can be created in a 3d Street Art picture and I am going to show you how it can be used with spectacular results in your advertising campaigns.
But before I begin, let me state some of our credentials and talk to you about the results that can be achieved with 3d Street Art in Advertising.

I run and own Street Advertising Services a UK based specialist provider of innovative and unique public space advertising campaigns used by Brand Owners and Advertising, Marketing and PR agencies. Since 2006 we have been offering our clients 3d Street Art Advertising. We paint 3d street art pictures and help our clients create exciting campaigns to promote their brands with them.
So what kind of results can you expect?
Firstly and most importantly, clients who have used 3d street art in their campaigns have never been disappointed. Please re-read that sentence. We have delivered dozens of 3d advertising campaigns and all of our clients have been delighted with the results. How many tpyes of media can you say that about? None. Why were they so pleased? Because 3d Street Art in Advertising delivers what clients want. Whether its increased sales, sign ups, increased brand awareness, increased number of online fans or PR stories written in the media. Whatever your objectives for your campaign are, they can be met with intelligent use of 3d street art.
To prove it, we can demonstrate client testimonials, show you Fan pages with number of 'likes' increased on Facebook fan pages and show you press and media articles about our clients campaigns in publications such as The Telegraph, The Times, The Sun, The Daily Star, The Daily Mail and clips from the BBC news at Ten and Sky News.
OK, so hopefully you are now starting to think well how can i use this 'magical media' for my brand or client? Let me show you in a few easy steps:
1. Define your campaign objectives. Is it increased sales, create a marketing database or list of fans or consumers to market to in the future? Is it create publicity for your brand or launch in local or national press?
2. Engage with the 3d pavement Artist. As with all great marketing efforts, the best time to speak to the creatives is early in the process. Our artists know what works really well in 3d pictures and what doesn't so use our experience to help you decide on what picture will best convey your message.
3. Decide on the approach. Once you have decided on the subject matter for your 3d picture now is the time to decide on the best way to get the picture in front of your target audience. There are several different ways a 3d picture can be used depending on your campaign objectives, live art creation, Press photoshoots, Public space experiential and sampling events, they can all be used in different ways to meet your objectives.
4. Track the results. Tracking the results of your campaign can be achieved in several ways. 3d Street Art Advertising can be combined very effectively with Social Media. You can use it to attract new fans to your fan page, upload and share photographs of your brand or just get people talking about you online.
5. Repeat! Everybody loves the magic of 3d street art, whether it's seeing the picture in a public space and watching it jump to life on their phone's camera or seeing photographs of their friends interacting with the picture on Facebook, Flickr or Twitter, Most of our clients who use 3d art in their campaigns re-book another campaign because it works and because consumers who experience it come away with increased feelings of goodwill to the brands who use it.
So what are you waiting for? Start exploring the use of 3d street art in your advertising today!

About the Author
Kristian Jeffrey is a Small Business Advertising Expert. His company Street Advertising Services has delivered thousands of 3d street art campaigns for his clients which has resulted in incredible PR and increased sales and profits for their brands.

jeudi 23 août 2012

3D Street Art Is an Advertising Man's Dream

3D Street Art Painting has been around since the 16th century. Originally created by Italian Renaissance Madonarro's and Trompe l'eil painters from France, it has continued to be highly popular and it's magic has been captured by Wiley Admen in the twenty first century.

3D Street Art Painting creates a 3D effect from a 2D picture when viewed through the lens of a camera. It's an exceptionally difficult type of art and only perfected today by a handful of artists including Julian Beever, Edgar Muller and the team of artists at Street Advertising Services in the UK. It's created by painting an object close to the lens compact and squashed and and objects far away are painted in a stretched out way, the effect is a trick on the eye and a mind blowing illusion of 3D depth. Over the last few years Ad Agencies have turned to the 3D pavement artists to create highly effective advertising and PR campaigns.

So how does it work and why is it so effective?

3D Street Art Painting in Advertising works so brilliantly in two words: entertain and inform. Isn't that what the best adverts do? Entertain and inform and that's what 3D pavement art is so good at. When a consumer sees a piece of 3D street art painitng, they recognise the image and shape etc of the content but it's only when they are advised to look through the lens of their mobile phone camera that the magic happens. There is always an 'aha' moment that the picture jumps into 3d in their eyes, which is what makes it so entertaining. The next stage in the process is the consumer asking, 'how does it work and what's this for?'. That's the opportunity for brand ambassadors to explain the 3d process and inform them of the brand's message.

OK so 3D street art painting works great in an experiential campaign or live event, what are the other benefits?

Not only is the consumer entertained and informed by the artwork, the next step is to interact with the picture. Encouraged by the artist and brand ambassadors, they walk on to the picture and have their photo taken with it. The photo is taken on the consumer's mobile phone and the photo is then uploaded to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr to show their friends and family. The result? Start of a viral campaign.

Are there any other ways 3D Street Art painting works for a brand?

Probably the biggest benefit of using 3D in your advertising or PR campaign is free media coverage. Because the pictures work so well in photographs, press exposure is almost expected.

Street Advertising Services 3D street art campaigns have been featured in all the national newspapers in the UK as well as regionals and also TV exposure on programs such as BBC news, Sky News and Blue Peter! They have some excellent case studies on how 3d street art can be used effectively in your next campaign.

Kristian Jeffrey is one of the UK's leading experts on 3D street art advertising having created hundreds of 3D pavement art campaigns for clients ranging from Google, Nike to Unilever...